Wilson Sleek 4G-V Cradle Booster

by Elana on February 29, 2012


The Wilson product that will revolutionize your on-the-road cell phone experience is finally here–almost. But when it arrives within the coming months, it will have been well worth the wait. And, of course, it will be on Quantum-Wireless as soon as it becomes available. The much-anticipated mobile device? The Wilson Seek 4G-V Cradle Booster, your [...]

Wilson Sleek: Slicker Than Your Average Femtocell

by Evan Kessler on November 24, 2010


As cellular providers protest to the F.C.C. about the ill effects of cellphone boosters on their ability to provide service, the problem of dead areas on the mobile coverage landscape persists. Carriers can peddle their pricey femtocells to their customer base to make up for a flagging home or office signal, but once most cellular customers travel beyond that device’s reach they rely solely on their carrier’s network to maintain any signal connection to their surroundings.

Turn This October into Sleektober

by Evan Kessler on October 7, 2010


There are certain activities that we associate with the harvest season. Many of us used to being bombarded by wireless signal in urban environments seek refuge in more rural regions to partake in autumn traditions such as apple picking and foliage gazing. Enjoying weekends immersed in remote, heavily-forested regions for a peek at colorful scenery may take our collective breath away, but it also manages to remove a good deal of our cell phone’s signal strength

Tired of keeping track of all that equipment needed to boost your cell phone signal? Wilson Electronics offers the solution with their newly patented, already implemented, all-in-one booster technology.
This past week, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Wilson Electronics patent number 7,684,838 for their latest cell phone booster design, making this their eighth patent granted for signal amplification technology.

You Are Not Alone If Your Calls Drop

by Ahuva Zucker on July 26, 2010


Have you recently had issues with dropped calls? If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone. Last week, when Steve Jobs was onstage and talking about the Apple iPhone 4’s faulty antenna, he mentioned that he couldn’t give statistics concerning AT&T’s dropped calls.

Sleek Enough for the Road

by admin on June 7, 2010

road trip

Hitting the road this summer, but nervous about your phone reception? Wilson Electronics’ new product will put your mind at ease.
The WIlson Sleek is a cell phone signal booster. This means it detects signals your phone cannot pick up and boosts them giving you a better connection up to 20 times more powerful than your phone.

Mobile Merit Awards Honor Wilson Sleek

by admin on May 24, 2010

Mobile Merit Awards

The 2010 Mobile Merit Awards honored the Wilson Sleek mobile cell signal amplifier. The Sleek came in second in the Mobile Connected Device, non-gadget division of Gadgets/Handsets/Devices categories. The Wilson Sleek has earned rave reviews since premiering at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past February.

Say Goodbye to Dropped Calls!

by admin on May 17, 2010

Wilson Sleek - Say Goodbye to Dropped Calls

Wilson Sleek – Cell Phone Signal Booster that works! Wilson’s newest SLEEK for use in cars or trucks is the newest reception booster in the long line of products that truly solve MiFi and wireless phone reception problem in cars, homes, buildings, etc.